My vocabulary often fails when I intend to write something about Kiriti’s essaying a book. ” The Reverse Tree ” is as lucid and interesting a composition as his earlier twos —— ” Aaaye Naa ” ( in Bengali )  and ” My Glass Of Wine ” ( The best seller ) —— a light one-on-one conversation with his intimate readers . The way is not only free-flowing , it is rather very candid  honest , open-minded and full of integrity on the part of the author .  This magic quality of his pen attracts the lovers of his creation as revered Mr. Don Martin has pointed out in his foreword .

I would prefer to mention the last chapter , first of all . “——-And the wounds surface again /  in all directions —– / sporting the guise of youth—- ” , these lines perhaps give vent to the extracts of the chapter. To recognise the ailments we are all suffering from  , be sure and the required efforts of redressal —– sinceremost indomitable and persevering to overcome these ephemeral feelings is the gist of ‘The Geeta’ in the way of attaining the Truth or Salvation . Easy to narrate all these is , but surely very difficult to carry out——  still The Lord assures us there is no word ‘impossible’ and one will have to win the Kurukshetra war wherein God is always in one’s side and assistance .

The hilarious depiction of the mimicry performance of his friend in ” In Others Shoes ” is pleasing to read on . In “Long … A Metaphor” Kiriti mentions about male poets but now-a-days  a long feminine hair(metaphor) is very often associated with males in various art forms . You can look at famous  male vocalist Shri Hariharan’s style , cricketer Ishaant Sharma or numerous participants of today’s Bands .

“Crisis” is a chapter most liked by me . The story of Lara easily moistens one’s eyes and emotionally moves a person putting forth the question Kiriti has raised ….’Are sexual acts between two consenting adults (irrespective of their genders) can ever be termed a crime ?’  In a welcome sign India is showing boldness enough now to face the fact averting the social taboo of decades and trying to keep pace with the outer world by somewhat disregarding the now stereo-typed and almost back-dated values in this  regard .

‘Anti-clock’ submissions of the author ( spl. regards for the contributions of womenfolk in ongoing affairs of life and his deep-seated love, affection and respect for his mother in ‘Reversal …. Reverse it all’ ) are much adorable . ‘Jet Lag’ situation is most necessarily associated with the differences in time zones …….. Kiriti’s assertions here and both the chapters are two examples of  ‘The Reverse Tree’ analogy .

A novel and scintillating effort by Shri Kiriti Sengupta in a new avatar …..’The Reverse Tree’ is a very palatable treat for the readers .

I wish all the more and alltime   success of the book.